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Why make a blog

Many ask me, why do my own blog?. Some people do it for fun, others seek to earn money to create a website, which is not difficult, not easy. The Internet business is a great way for anyone with basic knowledge to make money. Launch your blog will be easy. Just be consistent and be successful.
Sample blog tools related to languages, microniche blog related to education, language and languages.
Web with its own domain related websites and blogs. The website is aimed at those who wish to search for images for desktop or laptops.
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How to create a blog step by step

We explain how to create a blog step by step, to make it successful

Video tutorial Blog

Often the fear of creating your own website is the ending to make you give up. Face technical problems, follow the steps, not knowing who write ...
This usually makes the novice bloggers give up due to lack of basic knowledge of how to blog.

Guide to create a blog

We show you a basic guide to having your own blog, whether free or paid.
The difference is that the latter will have the domain you want.

Blog Adversating

When you have enough people who visit the blog, you can put advertising to people who visit. If your audience clicks on their ads, you will make money. Ad networks that pay better and where you can register are Google Adsense and YPN. There is also the pay per impression, per thousand impressions of the banner of the blog ...

Afiliate Marketing

This simply means that charges for promoting a product that relates to your blog / website, a commission for each person who buys that product. It can be any product, a weight loss supplement, an electronic book or create a website ... As advertising networks, some of the best affiliate networks are Google Affiliate Network, ClickBank and Commission Junction. Registration at these networks is free.